One Year In Austin

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

One year ago, I uprooted my life, left everything (literally), and moved to a city I said I would NEVER live in. Here's a recap of what that year looked like for me and how I celebrated.

I can't believe it. This weekend, last year, I *officially* moved to Austin. For those of you unaware, I took a job here that began after Mother's Day Weekend in 2018. I always said I would never live in Austin and wasn't too excited about the opportunity, to be completely honest. For that reason, I lived out of a hotel Sunday - Thursday evening and drove back to Dallas every Friday after work for two months. It was insane, it was challenging, I can't believe I did that when looking back now, but I've always been the type to do what needs to be done. There's many pictures I didn't include given the length of this post, however, I fit in the big events and as much as I could. Enjoy!

July 28, 2018 my dad and brother drove a U-Haul down to Austin and we moved me into what is now commonly known as #mollysmansion, and for those that don't catch on quickly, yes, I am being facetious.

The reason I didn't drive back to move out of my place in Plano and into my new one here in Austin is because...

...I was in the process of getting certified to teach yoga! August marked my certification completion and the crossing of yet another thing off of my bucket list.

I missed my actual graduation weekend because I flew to Chicago for my cousin's wedding.

Are they not the most beautiful couple you've ever seen????? Rhetorical question. They are.

Once back in Austin, I signed myself and some coworkers up to compete in a coed kickball league through Austin Sports and Social Club. I highly recommend if you're new to a city! So far, I have seen the SSC in many cities here in TX, so check it out near you. Ps, we won 0 games but we had the most fun for sure.

The first time I was home in three months due to Yoga Teacher Training was Labor Day weekend. After lots of family facetiming, it was great to get home to see them in person, spend time with my Frisco people, bowl with my brothers, visit my home Church, and drink my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season.

The next weekend, I made the trek up to my old home of Norman, Oklahoma with my youngest brother. We went up for the football game and to see my other brother who was in the middle of his freshman year. I met up with my friend, Rylie, and somehow this is the only picture I captured from the weekend. I was feeling all kinds of nostalgic being there and seeing my friends from that season of my life. BOOMER SOONER!

I found a love for creating and recording some yoga videos in #mollysmansion.

I managed to make it back home again at the end of September to celebrate the engagement of my lovely Chels.

And also got to brunch with Amanda. I must note: going home is the hardest because I want to fit all of my people in during two days, but sometimes it just doesn't always work! Guess that's why I go home often. ;)

That same weekend was a continuation of the Fred and Molly show. Which is really nothing other than me and grandpa bantering back and forth. He typically says something incredibly funny and I just happen to get it on video.

The first weekend of October I made my way down to Houston (while live streaming OU/TX screaming down the highway) to witness the wedding of Amanda and Will. Amanda was my Big Sister in my sorority at Oklahoma and I was so thankful I got to be there. They're a perfect couple! I then stayed through the weekend at my aunt's house to celebrate the life of my Uncle Bob who passed a couple days prior.

I made my first meal at my new place! I know, took me long enough. Butternut squash sausage soup, followed by pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. If this doesn't scream fall to you, I don't know what will!

I traveled down to San Antonio mid-October and then to Lake Charles at the end of October to watch Morgan play her last few games of collegiate soccer. She crushed it this season, and not surprisingly, was named MVP! Four years worth of Lake Charles, LA trips.

In November, I drove back home on Thanksgiving where I spent time with grandpa, took Christmas card pictures for mom, enjoyed the holiday, and somehow on a bit of whim (but not really) decided I would begin training for the Austin Half Marathon.

First weekend of December I spent decorating #mollysmansion, watching lots of Oklahoma football, and just hanging out by myself. The Fall of 2018 is when I really learned how to be okay with being by myself. My anxiety was very much tested here, as the holidays are just hard in general. But then, it was a lot of learning to be on my own, doing my own thing, all on my own time. I needed this time.

Mid-December was mom's birthday, so she and Morgan drove down to visit Austin. I took them to Mozart's, we saw the infamous "I love you" wall, and then went to an event at Circuit of the Americas.

The following weekend I drove out through the hill country into Fredericksburg for my friend Jennessa's bachelorette party. It was everything you could have imagined it to be and more! I recapped this trip here, but here's a few pics in case you missed it.

I was still training for my half marathon through December, my cousin Reese came into town for Christmas, I did some yoga with my original Yogi friends, and Jennessa got hitched. The end of December and the year was a busy one, but it was incredibly fun.

The beginning of January found me continuing to train for the half marathon with my co-worker, Wil. I also made sure all of my Instagram followers knew how much I love #highwaysignhuman. I have no idea who is in charge of coming up with the highway sign sayings (you know, the ones on the billboards), but I think they are HILARIOUS. And I want to meet this human. And I have a highlight on my Instagram for this human. This picture isn't one of the better ones, but you get the point.

And then....two days before my birthday I booked a spontaneous trip to New York City to meet Hoda and get on The Today Show for another bucket list item. Read all about it here!

I taught my first yoga class in January after getting hired by my company back in November to teach.

The beginning of February took me to Oklahoma City for Emily's bachelorette party, and mid-February brought me back home for her all about those here!

Mom came back to Austin the weekend in between those two February events for her belated Christmas present of seeing Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) speak at The Long Center.

And after training and training and training for my half marathon, I got hurt and wasn't able to participate in the race. You can read about everything 13.1 related here. This was a TOUGH day to say the least. And now that I am reminiscing, this event created a whirlwind of a few weeks for me. I started going back to therapy (not directly related to my injury), and man I am so glad I did. You all need to be in therapy. Okay, tangent over. :)

In March I finally found a group of friends in Austin to hang out with...they forced me (okay that's a bit dramatic) to do things like country dancing. Which is definitely not my forte, but this group is the best. If I am going country dancing with them, it means a lot. ;)

At the beginning of April, my girl Chelsea got married. I couldn't make it back home in time for her bachelorette party because of a work event, which I'm still so bummed about, but she was so gorgeous the night of her wedding, just see for yourself. I also died my hair hours before because that sounded like a good idea, right?

And then in the middle of April, I celebrated my friend Paige's bachelorette party here in Austin! This blog post is coming but I'll leave you with this cute little picture for now!

It was the same weekend as my friend Kate's birthday. We went to dinner and then to the Friends parody in downtown Austin.

Also in April, I signed up to teach a yoga class to the group Hillsong UNITED, but they didn't have time so it didn't happen. However, the night of the event, I got a text from friends saying they had extra tickets, and 30 minutes before showtime, I was driving out to Cedar Park, alone, in my sweaty yoga clothes, and sat by myself at the concert. Because Austin has taught me to do this type of stuff. And it is the very best.

But the BIGGEST thing that happened in April/this year is that I said GOODBYE TO GOOGLE, and started my new role as the Recruiting Manager at another tech company. To make a long story short: it's the best job I've ever had, with the best boss, and the best people.

As a quick recap, I just want to hit you with some pics of Google's office/my time there. Google holds so many memories for me. I met all kinds of people, enjoyed like, the best food, I found a love of matcha lattes, and I had many spiritual moments staring out the window at my desk over Lady Bird Lake. I'm forever grateful for this opportunity. But life goes on and seasons end. The Lord has blessed me 10 times over with my new position and for both of these reasons, I am full of gratitude.

In May I flew out to Omaha to celebrate another one of my cousins getting married with the rest of our family. It was almost a mini family reunion and it was so much fun! My family knows how to throw a party.

Morgan came down for Memorial Day weekend and we boated around Lake Austin, kayaked down Lady Bird Lake, hiked Barton Creek Greenbelt, tried to see the bats at Congress bridge, ate a ton of guacamole and P.Terry's, and went out downtown. We had a blast!

First weekend of June took me back home for my littlest brother's graduation, where we simultaneously celebrated both of my uncles' birthday, which was the day after. I also got to see my yogi friends and my counselor. Two of my favorite things.

It was a short weekend, but I then drove back home a few weekends later for Paige's wedding in the middle of June. This same weekend I saw one of my oldest friends, Karley, and she asked to be her bridesmaid in her wedding next Fall. I squealed.

I bought new patio furniture to complete #mollysmansion. With my spiffy new furniture, I created a new morning routine where I drink pour over coffee (I KNOW, no iced coffee, I'm still in shock!). Blog post coming soon.

The end of June took me to Vegas for a work trip. I attended the SHRM conference and learned SO MUCH, drank plenty of frose out by the pool, got sick (from lack of allergy friendly food!), and relaxed... all at the same time. Oh and AGAIN, at showtime, I spontaneously decided to walk down to MGM for Khalid's concert and sat there dancing and singing all alone. It was incredible! Recap coming here too.

The beginning of July was filled with my Austin friends. Mengjia got me OBSESSED with bubble tea (like, I literally still have it once daily), she introduced us to hotpot and homemade pho, and we all just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

After driving to Houston a few times this past year, my aunt made reservations at #mollysmansion and came down to visit Austin a few weekends ago.

The following weekend our group celebrated Charity's birthday, and the next morning I drove home bright and early for my friend Amanda's baby shower...she's having a little boy due in October. I can't believe my friends are having babies now! I got to see grandpa, a few other friends, and little Mit of course.

And this weekend, the official year to the date I moved in, I made my way out to Fredericksburg, TX. This weekend is a BIG deal for me, y'all. If you knew 2014 Molly, you'd never have guessed that that same girl is writing this blog post. It's incredible and my story is a testament to the work and healing only possible from the Lord.

Yesterday, I sipped some wine staring out at the grape vines and lavender plants while I reminisced on how this has been one of the most challenging, rewarding, surprising, and exciting years of my 25. As confused as I may have been about some events that took place over this past year, God hasn't failed me yet. And I'll continue to meditate on those words as I begin year two in Austin, TX.

I could write a list on everything I've learned, but I've done that in my separate posts, so please check those out if you're interested. Today, it's all pictures and the memories. XO!

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