My Morning Routine

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Mornings set the precedence for the rest of your day. I love a good routine just as much as the next person. Back when I wrote my personal lifestyle blog, the most viewed posts were any kind of routine or "day in the life" posts. So several weeks ago, I did what any true millennial would do and asked my Instagram followers what routine they'd like to read about, thus this post was born. Check out how this health coach and true night owl turned into a morning bird.

Let me just kick this off by saying: I DON'T DO MORNINGS. I have to "preheat" before anything. Our Director of Engineering and I were on the phone the other morning by 9:00 am and he's all "how are you" and I said, "oh, I'm still tired" to which he responds: "yeah, I remember you're not a morning person". HAHA, who have I told? Or has he just had to witness it...?

After starting my "big girl" career almost 5 years ago, I've tried on several occasions to become a morning person. But each time I'd attempt to do so, I'd revert back to my old ways, officially saying goodbye to my chances of Molly in the mornings. However, several months ago, I was doing some reflecting, as I often do, and realized that I had been VERY irritable. I couldn't quite place my finger on the reason why, though. Eventually, I put two and two together, realizing one major impact on this was the way I started my days. I would sleep as late as possible, snoozing my alarm, then rushing through my teeth brushing, changing, and getting out the door to make my shuttle. I'd get straight into the office, work all day, do something at night, go to bed, just to do it again the next day. I'm stressed reading that sentence over.

There was no calm, there was no relax, there was no "me time", and it wasn't serving me. So about 3 months ago, I told myself *with no expectations* that I would begin getting up a little earlier. Spoiler alert: This is now my favorite time of the day... what?! I'm living by #neversaynever because I'd have NEVER thought I'd read those words on any blog of mine.

Part of the reason it's taken me so long to write this post is because I don't have a standard, never-changing routine. As someone who is known for setting goals, making lists, checking them twice, and being rigid, my big goal for myself recently is to just listen to my emotional and physical self and do what suits me in the given moment.

Helpful Hints to Becoming a Morning Person:

* They key is doing something you love and look forward to. For me, that's my freshly brewed coffee and Hoda on The Today Show.

* Weekday mornings and weekend mornings at #mollysmansion look a lot different.

* I'm a very intentional person. Partly due to being a health coach (much of my program I wrote is involved in my routine), partly due to being a yogi, and partly due to me just being me. There's intention in everything I do.

* I don't check my phone/social media until I get to work. It's not healthy.

* Start small. Do 10 minutes earlier, and progress from there.

Now without further ado, here we go: a morning in the life of a health coach!

I wake up around 7:00 am. It was earlier for a while, but now that I have a job with a flexible schedule, I sleep later. And I am reminded again how much of a blessing my new job is.

Next, I put my slippers on, turn my sound machine off, turn my phone's airplane mode on, and make my bed.

After I make my bed, I walk in to my living room and turn on The Today Show. 7:00 am my time is when the show begins each weekday. I'm anxiously awaiting Hoda's return from her leave! She is the main reason I watch the show. I. LOVE. HER. My boss laughs at me for this but #noshame. I also watch the show because I'm not one to read the newspaper or spend time on my phone reading articles, but I still need to stay in the know. Ps, my ATT network isn't giving me access currently, and no other morning show even compares.

Remember I booked a last minute trip to NYC in January? I'm a FAN through and through.

I walk over to my stove to turn on my water to boil. My coffee tends to change like my routine. I get tired of doing the same things over and over again... in all areas of my life. I've been known to brew a k-cup, mix some trader joe's cold brew and creamer, stop by a coffee shop, pop open a Costco brand cold brew, and even drink a matcha latte. But the most common is freshly brewed pour over. Note: pour over is the only reason I'll convert to hot coffee over iced.

Then, I go to the bathroom and wash my face. Am I the only person that didn't know you're supposed to wash your face in the morning?! I had no clue!

I sit back on my couch waiting for my water to boil, then I make my pour over while watching the news. Here's a video I sent my aunt on how I make this!

Once I make my cup of coffee, I take my phone, coffee, and a water bottle (I try to drink one bottle in the morning before starting my day) and self out to the balcony.

On my balcony is where I really practice mindfulness. So this is where I will tend to open up Headspace and meditate for 5 minutes.

Honestly, I haven't fallen in love with/seen the benefit of meditating yet but every group I am a part of and the successful people I know in recovery swear by it, so for that reason, I choose to trust them.

After I meditate, I usually sit on the balcony for 10-ish minutes. I use this time to do what my mental and emotional self needs. Sometimes it's nothing other than watching people go to work, feeling the breeze, watching the sun rise, and relaxing.

Sometimes it's writing to express any emotions that I have suppressed over the previous day and haven't processed (by the way, these are good and bad emotions);

and sometimes it's praying. Y'all, can we real quick take a moment to laugh about how my balcony "furniture" used to be a folding lawn chair!!! HA

When I am done with that, I check in to see what my physical self needs. If my body is calling for it, I may go for a little walk while listening to a podcast;

I may go to my apartment's gym and do a few exercises;

I may do 10 minutes of yoga;

or I may just sit on my couch and continue The Today Show. Like I said, it depends on if my body needs to move or just be. I could tell you what I'm doing today, but it'd likely be different next week. ;)

Then, if I decide to go in to work that day, i'll get ready. About this time I will take my first dose of CBD oil. I've been doing this for a few months now. I can't say I am a solid believer yet, but there isn't any harm in it.

If I decide to work from home, I'll get after it. I turn on my diffuser (typically I am using the Stress Away blend, Thieves, or Lavender during the day...anything that's calming), keeping the news on for noise, taking my phone off of airplane mode, and I do the darn thing.

...and that's my mornings y'all. Nothing spectacular, nothing out of the ordinary, but something that works for me. Highly encourage you doing something that works well for you! But more-so, doing something that allows you calm before your day gets going.