Las Vegas, NV: A Solo Trip to Sin City

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

A few months ago, I hit the streets of Vegas. For a work conference, but I was there nonetheless. Here are my thoughts.

Trip Details and Tips/Tidbits


The Cosmopolitan - Definitely the upscale resort in the heart of the strip. Request a room with a view of the fountain. 5/5


The Henry - I recommend "The Henry" for brunch and the salmon and spinach artichoke dip. 4/5

Hattie B's - It was at the food court at The Cosmopolitan. I'd heard this place was famous so I had to try it. 3/5

Va Bene Caffe - Got a few Americanos during my stay since it was at the bottom of my side of the hotel. 5/5

Nacho Daddy - Walking distance from my hotel at the Miracle Mile shops. I got the vegan trio dip and vegan chicken tacos. 5/5

The Pizza Press - I got the vegan garlic cheesy bread and a make-your-own gluten and dairy-free pizza. 4/5


- Spend a few hours out at the pool

- Walk down the strip

- See a show if you can (either MGM Grand or OMNIA night club are two good ones)

- Bottle service out at one of the pools or in the clubs

- Take a trip on the High Roller

- Gamble somewhere if that's your thing

My favorite part: Where I stayed. I also loved the conference. I thrive on gaining knowledge in my area of expertise so it was awesome to hear and learn everything I did. I'm very grateful for a company that allowed me to take this trip.

My least favorite part: Being by myself. Vegas is a cool city to visit, but being by yourself is not as fun.

Random Things: This wasn't my first Vegas trip. I went back in June of 2016 for my cousin's 21st birthday trip. It was freaking fun. Check out day 1 here, day 2 here, and day 3 here.

Let's Recap

I designated a highlight on my Instagram to my recent trip to Vegas (I am @4youhealthcoaching). In case you're thinking about going though, here are more of the day-to-day details! I showed up on Saturday afternoon to get checked in before the conference started on Sunday.

The first time I was in Vegas, we stayed at The Venetian. This time, though, I stayed at The Cosmopolitan, and requested a view. And I got just that. A view overlooking Bellagio fountain and the city. I was not mad about this at all.

As soon as I checked in, I changed into my bathing suit and hit the pool! It was a June afternoon in the desert, so some pool time is just what the doctor ordered. And also a frose. The doctor definitely ordered a frose, too, because one does not go to Vegas to sit by the pool without ordering a frose while reading a book by the pool.

After I was out there for an hour or so, I realized I am such a rookie. I didn't bring sunglasses or sunscreen, I didn't have any water, and I expected that several days of that would be okay. So I walked across the bridge to grab those necessities. Is this not the most touristy picture ever? This is me walking over the strip. I also included this in my recap presentation at work. ;)

By this time it was about 6pm on Saturday and I was like....what do I do in Vegas on a Saturday night by myself??? So...originally I planned to sit in my room, drink this skinny girl marg, watch Sweet Home Alabama and work some.

But I was getting all antsy and wanting to do something and be around people, so I took my computer to the Starbucks at the bottom of my hotel and worked there for a little bit. Then I somehow found myself Google-ing what was going on that night...

...and I realized at 6:40 pm that KHALID was there that evening and his concert was at 7:00 pm. So I RAN through the hotel, up to my room, changed, and speed-walked all the way down to MGM Grand, where I bought my ticket right then and there, and literally walked in as he was coming out on stage. It was incredible how it worked out.

Khalid and The Chainsmokers are two of my absolute favorite bands and I have been dying to see both in concert. I danced by myself, sat at the top of the venue, and sung at the top of my lungs and I had the best time.

I went home and crashed right afterwards. The next morning I woke up and laid in my bed before I went downstairs to The Henry for brunch. I must say, I love hotels where I can make it incredibly dark and cold and just lay there for half the morning before I have to do anything. Anyways, I sat all by my lonesome where I drank my coffee, ate my food, and watched my home church online.

The conference started on Sunday, so our opening session had to be nothing but ecstatic and energizing and so Las Vegas.

After Sunday's sessions were over, I went out to the pool and and read while I sipped another frose.

The next morning, I was up and at 'em early for sessions. Stopping by Starbucks was a must. Look at this sign. Only in Vegas, right?

But then about mid-way through my sessions I got really sick. I went back to my hotel, got some pepto bismol and saltines while I watched Gilmore girls and did some work while laying in bed.

For dinner that night, I ordered the salmon and spinach artichoke dip from The Henry.

I went to bed early and woke up to my baby cousin being born! It was an early morning for me, so another Americano was first priority.

I sat through more sessions, which I know you don't care about so I left all of those details out. I ordered some food from Hattie B's since I heard it was so popular. Not worth it to me.

After eating and relaxing a bit, I got bored in my hotel room so I ventured downstairs and watched the MLB with apparently every male in Vegas at that time. Where them girls at though?

The next morning was the last day of conference sessions. This was a long conference, y'all. There was so much information to take it that I was feeling super overloaded.

After my sessions, I came back and walked over to Nacho Daddy and got the vegan trio dip with some tacos...mmmm so good!

And then what is a girl to do with a half day in Vegas? Go to the pool again!

And for dinner that night, I ordered a gluten and dairy free pizza and breadsticks. Thank you for that one, The Pizza Press!