Goodbye Google

Updated: May 22, 2019

Today is my last day at Google!

One year ago this week, I accepted a recruiting position at Google. I was months into the draining job search and was OVER IT. By the grace of God, Google was the only door opened. Truthfully, the majority of people in my life down to my parents were against it, but I knew I needed to be obedient and walk through the door despite fear, hesitation, and any anxiety. Turns out, the Lord knows what He's doing. #imaginethat

May 8, 2018 I made a trip down to say hello to my new office.

I was very hesitant to accept this position (like, still interviewing with other companies the week of my start date hesitant). Austin, Texas was a city I said I would NEVER live, because #boomersooner. So, I lived out of a hotel for almost three months driving the I-35 nightmare home each weekend. I was pretty much dipping my toe in the water just enough so I didn’t have to jump in. End of July, I finally bit the bullet and moved in to my place. #mollysmansion

The past year has been a crazy mix of probably every emotion known to the human species. Between Bachelorette parties, weddings, fun times, half marathon training, Grandpa face times, Mitzi pictures, and lots of airplanes rides, it wouldn't be life if there wasn't also lots of hurt, tears, pain, fear, and loss from tendinitis, break ups, loneliness, and addiction. Y'all know I'll always keep it real!!

In my early 20's (can't believe I'm old enough to say "early 20's"), I made myself a promise. That promise being that everything I do in life moving forward, I will reflect back upon the season end and acknowledge what lessons I have learned in the process. So, as I reminisced on this past year at Google, here's a few things I’ve learned:

1. Mom and dad will always be number one. Day ones and my number ones.

2. You are your biggest and most important asset. Don’t solely rely on anything/anyone.

3. However, Community is key. Keep the good ones close; let the draining ones go.

4. Do the next right thing. Maybe it's something as small as a daily task in your job or something bigger affecting your health. What's the next right thing?

5. The Lord always answers prayers. It may be yes, it may be no, it may be minutes, it may be months, but there’s always an answer.

6. Working at Google has changed me. From being more aware of diversity/inclusion, to falling in love with Topo Chico, to knowing what I cannot tolerate in a job, I'm better for it all.

7. Moving to another city will definitely show you which of your people are here to stay.

8. Life can be a b**ch. Fight for today, though. Maintain your faith, call your mom in tears, write, punch a wall, do what you need to. Shoot, I've done them all.

9. Don't let anything stand in your way from accomplishing your goals. I was laid off THREE times by the age of 23. I was unemployed and living off of my savings for 6 months before I took my position at Google. I fought for my current role at Google and for my new role. None of it came easy and none of it was handed to me.

10. Work hard, play hard. Good work ethic is important, but finding what brings you JOY outside of the job is equally important.

11. You never know how you may be impacting another human being. Send an IM, give a smile, say hello.

12. The rumors are true: Google is exactly as "The Internship" portrays, minus Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

13. Stay in today.

14. Life will always bring each individual disappointment but also many opportunities. The score comes in how you play the hand.

Google is a great company. I am indebted to those who contributed in shaping me from this experience and am grateful for the past year. I highlighted the office on Instagram, so feel free to check it out for yourself if you're curious.

Now, what's next you ask? Austin will still remain home while I step into the Recruiting Manager role for a smaller tech company here! New chapter, more emotions, let’s do this!

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