Fredericksburg, TX: A Bachelorette How To

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Fredericksburg, Texas. The Hill Country. A few months ago, we bachelorette'd through Fredericksburg, and here's how we did it with all of the details you could need.

I met Jennessa during a rough time in my life, which I think is how the Lord seems to introduce me to the people I need most. Last Spring I became a coach through a volleyball club local in my area where she was already coaching. We both coached an ongoing Sunday clinic and I just always liked her. FAST FORWARD, she called me one April evening and asked if I would help her at a tournament. That's when I told her that I was moving to Austin. She was like, "well, I'm really bummed because we just became friends." And I couldn't have agreed more. She came to Austin one August weekend when a group of us met up and I got to meet her fiance. I got a text from her several weeks later asking if I'd join her Bachelorette weekend, and I couldn't say yes fast enough. If you can meet someone, move hours away from them a month later, and still become friends/keep the friendship...that's someone worth holding on to!

Trip Details and Tips/Tidbits

Stay: an Airbnb two blocks off of the main strip. This home was magical in every way and I'd 5/5 recommend it to anyone wanting to take a fun weekend trip to the hill country.

Eat: Hondo's on the square. This was the only place we ate out at because the rest of the time we cooked in at the house. We got margaritas, a salad, and a few sandwiches. Everyone liked the food!

My favorite part: The fact that it was calm and there was a retirement-city-like vibe.

My least favorite part: I got pulled over in the middle of the town. The cop said "you need to be careful pulling out here because there are a lot of elderly people and they're not always looking." Eye roll. He clearly doesn't know me and that I'm always lookin' out for the elderly!

Random Things: Use a shuttle for a wine tour. Go on a wine tour. Stay somewhere super central and close. Ubers are few and far between, so it's better to just walk everywhere.

Let's Recap

So, mid-December, we all met up in the 'burg and Bachelorette'd our way through town. Friday night we all drove in and met at the house around 9pm. We made pizzas, had the lingerie shower, and got settled in for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, Jennessa and her future sis-in-law went to work out. CRAZIES. I'm like, y'all have a good time, I'll be in my bed. But actually, I woke up and enjoyed this CUTE backyard we had for the weekend while I sipped on my coffee.

And I think I now know what Heaven looks like.

I then ran to the store for mimosa supplies because #necessities and the other two made breakfast tacos. Everyone re-convened at the house, got ready, and we went walking down the main strip through a few shops before catching our wine tour shuttle!

We ran into Santa on our way there, so of course we stopped him for a pic. #wheninfredericksburg Shout-out to the lil ol' lady who got her thumb in the bottom of our pic.

At this point we were on our shuttle and ready to hit a few wineries!

Our first stop was probably my favorite. The vibe was so serene, the sun was hot, the people were happy, and three of us sipped on a glass,

While J and her MOH did a full tasting,

After being there for an hour or so, we snapped a quick pic and got on our merry way to destination #2.

Fat Ass Ranch and Winery is definitely the place to go if ya wanna have a good time and talk loud and feel like you're in a club. Completely opposite of the first one, though.

We hit a few more wineries after this one...

...where Amy and I started to split a few tastings because we knew we'd be #donzo if we didn't. We made it back, had a whole ordeal with an uber, and decided to just walk to dinner instead. On our way to dinner we stopped at this phenomenal shop where we literally taste-tested all of the peanut butters, jams, dips, sauces, jelly, mixes, pickles, etc. that you could get your hands on. Hondo's for dinner it was, and as I said before...recommended! On our way back to the house there were lots of people out playing on the square so we got a kind stranger to snap a pic of the crew.

And we made our way back to get in pj's because we were cold. Well, I was cold at least.

We sat around the table eating s'mores, listening to throwbacks, J rapped, and then we were just girls being girls.

Oh, also, it should be documented that this trip is when I came to the realization that I LOVE peppermint tea and now drink it nightly.

We went to bed at some hour of the night and when I woke up, three of the girls were already gone to tackle what was left of their weekend and their Sunday. But since checkout wasn't for a few hours, I stayed behind enjoying a slow morning with my coffee and doing a little work. Want to win me over? Take me to a random airbnb with a beautiful view and let me wake up slow on a weekend morning with coffee in hand.

And that's a wrap. It was a blast. It was well thought out (shoutout to MOH). And I'd do it again if given the chance.

Also, here's a few pics from her wedding. A beautiful human. A classy wedding. Lovely colors. I'm grateful I got to celebrate my girl marrying her boy.

Photography - Brittany Barclay

"Do your best impression of Jennessa"

A mom requested selfie for the win

Full wedding party

And another one!

This pic makes me laugh!

Sidenote: From last August until this coming June, your girl has been invited to 8 weddings. Be on the lookout for all things wedding to come. ;)

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