Cape Cod, MA: Back and Better

Boston (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, is one of my very favorite cities to visit. Check out all of the details from the girl who's got lots of family history.

When my sister and I were kids (think Elementary school age), every fall we got to venture to Boston with our dad. Every single September. I would look forward to these trips so much that I would have my bags packed a week prior to our departure date. I call it Boston, but we actually traveled to Cape Cod, which is about 1.5 hours south down the cape.

Back in June when I was looking ahead at my fall, I knew I wanted to do a decent amount of traveling. When thinking about some of the best cities to visit in the fall, Boston came to mind. I realized that I hadn't been in 4 years, and before that it had been 8 years, so this trip was overdue. It didn't take much, but I was able to convince my dad we needed to go and September 6th, we were off! With sister joining in, too. Sidenote: the 6th is my Grandpa's birthday, the one whom we were visiting that you see pictured above.

Trip Details and Tips/Tidbits (I also consistently review on Yelp)


The Commodore Inn, 5/5. It was so quaint, so perfectly close to the beach that we walked each morning, and breakfast included. Bonus: my grandfather built it. Highly, highly, recommend!

Eat: Full thoughts on Yelp

Grumpys, 5/5

Lobster Shanty, 4/5

The Lobster Claw, 3/5 (we also weren't super hungry, this may affect rating)

Ember, 2/5


Fenway/Boston Red Sox Game

Visit the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Cod National Seashore

My favorite part: We all discussed our favorite part, and mutually agreed that it was sitting on the porch during the beautiful, fall morning as the sun rose and we sipped our coffee.

My least favorite part: The flight. It's a four hour flight for me from Austin and I get way too antsy. Also, if you're not in the city and you don't enjoy doing pretty much nothing, then you might get bored down in the cape.

Random Things:

This trip is personal to us and not necessarily an easy recap if you're looking to visit for the first time. If you're looking for things to do specifically in Boston, this blog post could be helpful.

Let's Recap

I got to the airport on Friday evening and grabbed some food, water, and my airplane necessities for my FOUR HOUR flight. I finished up some work while waiting for my flight.

Gosh I was over the flight, although I was so excited about ALL OF THE LOBSTER ROLLS I was getting ready to devour in the next 3 days. And by devour, I mean eat for every meal. Which I did.

We arrived at 10:30pm Boston time and got our car, drove out to Cape Cod in the rain (this was right as Hurricane Dorian was coming in), and hit the hay after a long travel night. It was about 1:30am by the time we got to bed.

Like I said, we have tons of family history out in Boston/Cape Cod. My dad was born in Hyannis even. Our family used to own a bed-and-breakfast on the Cape, and in our younger years, that's where we stayed. Across the street is a PHENOMENAL breakfast place with the fluffiest pancakes you've ever had. I mentioned it before we went to bed, and all three of us were sold on breakfast there the next day. Like I said...our family LOVES us some Grumpys. I sent this text to my dad's brothers the next morning.

I woke up in the morning and showered (salt water air is real, folks), and sat on the porch of our room soaking in the scenery and enjoying a slow morning. This is what dreams are made of, y'all.

Coffee and gluten free french toast with eggs and bacon for me. Clam chowder and the hearty special for dad. And a hearty special with banana pancake for sister. We then stopped by the beach on the way out.

We went back to our place and put on warmer clothes to go visit my grandparents (dad's parents). Here's what the motel looks like from the porch!

Every year that I have visited, I've recreated this picture my dad took when I was younger.

Visiting my grandpa 1998, burying my grandma 2011, visiting in 2015, visiting in 2019.

We then made our way out to Cape Cod National Seashore with Starbucks in tow. It was cold and windy but oh, so awesome.

On our way back, we decided to do a "Lobster Roll Crawl". This is not a thing. We literally made this up. I have a special place in my heart (and stomach) for a lobster roll and we decided to share a few rolls at several places to rank them. And of course clam chowder for dad and sister. We hit Lobster Shanty first.

Important question: Are you a 'Connecticut' or a 'Maine' lobster roll person??? If you don't know what this means, Connecticut is just the meat and drawn butter and Maine is the mixture with mayo and celery, typically. Can you guess which one I am? :) Morgan and dad like the same one, and I am the other. After Lobster Shanty, we hit The Lobster Claw.

If you want to see what our thoughts were, you're going to have to go check out my Yelp reviews! We only hit these two cause we filled up fast, but later that night, we went out to the bars in West Harwich and just enjoyed the atmosphere. I loved the small town feel, the super sweet people, and the cute downtown area.

We made our way to Ember, where we grabbed a table and then Morgan and dad split a Margherita pizza.

The next morning, we woke up and spent some time on the porch once again while drinking our pumpkin spiced cold brews...this has been our drink this fall. Anyone else?! We went over to the main building for food too. Sorry about the pic mid-bite, Morgan. :)

We walked out to the beach so we could stroll up and down the shore before checking out. This is the cozy little road outside of the Inn.

Doesn't this sound make you want to take a nap too?

Yep, Heaven. This is also my phone background for sure!

After another Lobster roll, we made our way back into the city to return our rental car and check in to our hotel. I knew I wanted to hit a Red Sox game, so that was our plan on Sunday night.

I love Fenway. I loved our seats. I loved these shoes my brothers bought me. The only thing I didn't love is that we didn't beat the Yanks this night.

We left a bit early to grab a drink before heading back to the hotel, because I flew out at 7am Monday morning, and they followed with their flight at 9am. I grabbed this bowl of whatever goodness it was and a coffee and prepared for my four hours back.

It's safe to say you won't regret a trip to Boston. Every year it feels like it gets better. I'd definitely recommend the fall though. Go Sox!

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