Austin, TX: How to Bachelorette from a Local

One of the most visited cities for Bachelorette parties is Austin, TX. See how to do it from a local herself!

PK (who is now PH) is one of my longest friendships. Paige's friendship to me is just that steady relationship you can always count on. We met playing volleyball in high school together, I think? I have memories of us in countless hours of camps and trainings, lots of trips to McDonald's for nuggets, fries, and Coke, and hanging out with her and Parker when they were "just friends." PK is loyal, she is kind, she is even-keeled, she is many things I want to be even better at.

Trip Details and Tips/Tidbits

Stay: #mollysmansion. I stayed at my apartment because the Air BnB that was booked was less than two miles from my place. I'd go over to the house to hang out with them and would come back to my own bed to sleep. I love this location (obviously), but if you've never been to Austin, depending on what you're doing, you may want to stay closer to downtown.


Doc B's - Get the filet mignon die for! The food was incredible here.

Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden - Great atmosphere and food. Must visit.


- Hot tub in the backyard

- Go out on 6th street

- Go out on Rainey Street

- Bangers for brunch

My favorite part: Friday night, we all dressed up and went out. And had a freaking blast.

My least favorite part: Hmmm, the fact that I didn't take off work! Hindsight tells me I should have taken the time off of my jobs. I didn't have PTO at Google, I'd had a rough week prior (so I was mentally distracted) and therefore was not in full Bachelorette party zone. Bachelorette parties to me are supposed to be time away from your routine to hang out with your girl friends and have fun. But when you're still working, that's not likely to happen.

Random Things:

They all came in town Thursday afternoon and left early Sunday morning. I had to work Thursday and Friday, so I joined when I could, so there's a lot of details missing here too.

Let's Recap:

This group of girls are all up in the Dallas area, so they drove in on Thursday. I was at my friend's birthday dinner Thursday evening and stopped by the house afterwards to say hi to all of them. I was still at Google at the time and didn't have PTO and I had to work on Friday, so it was an early night for me. From what I heard, they had a lot of fun outside on Thursday and were all burned by the time I saw them that evening. Got this pic as a teaser and was so sad I couldn't be there!

The girls hung out during the day on Friday, and after work I went home, showered and got dressed to go out that night! We had dinner reservations at Doc B's at The Domain. I told Paige she made a solid choice here! I'm not the best about trying out new places by myself here in Austin, so it's always fun when people come to town and I get to try new places.

After dinner, we made it out to 6th street. Yep, good ol' dirty sixth. Don't worry, we got plenty of free drinks from Bachelor parties, we danced, and we sang at the top of our lungs. We did it all right. ;) Here's a video I found that I clearly didn't take because I am very much singing out of tune and dancing horrifically in this video.

Um, having siblings the same age is so fun. This is Paige's little sister, Chloe, and she is my brother's age. They're both at Oklahoma, so I asked her for a selfie like I'd just met a celebrity and sent it to my brother. And it's cute so I am posting it.

Throughout the night we made it to several places...

...and clearly had no fun at all. ;)

Saturday morning I had to teach my yoga class, so I did that and met up with them around noon. We made our way out to Bangers for brunch and "manmosas" and I laugh at this picture every time, but this is legitimately what the food looks like!

We went to another place that I cannot recall the name of and they happened to have virtual dodgeball, I think. Honestly wasn't even sure what it was but they all had fun!

I sat with Paige and her sister instead. :)

We came back Saturday evening to hang out before we went back to 6th street.

But, as you can imagine, there's always entertainment out there. Homeboy cleared the dance floor a trick? And the whole place was severely unimpressed. Welcome to Austin!!!

The girls left super early Sunday morning, so this is what my day looked like. #allthecoffee And then, I slept the rest of the week. Just kidding. Kind of.

A few months later in the middle of June, I went back up north for Paige and Parker's big day! I keep documenting this picture because it's the only selfie I have ever taken that was 1. serious and 2. posted on social media. Ha!

Remember Rylie from when I went to OU? We're all from the same hometown, Paige and Rylie lived together at Oklahoma their first year and we've all stayed in touch. It was crazy because their wedding was sort of a high school reunion.

It was real hot about this time...June in Texas, y'all. And I felt so bad because it was so windy and Paige's vail kept flying in her face. But this wedding was so sweet. This seems to now become a theme, but I totally teared up when Paige got choked up reciting her vows. I've been friends with these two since high school.

And a fun little glimpse of the photo booth for your viewing pleasure.

All my friends getting hitched, I'm so happy for them! Stay tuned for more where this came from, y'all.

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