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It's here. It happened. Look at us now!

May 2017, I walked into my friend Zac's office and told him I had a dream. I envisioned a website that I could share with my friends and family to epitomize the intention of this business. And this is what we created. I've got some phenomenally talented friends.

This dream came to fruition at my parents’ dining room table, otherwise known as my office while I was still living with them. In 2016, I was finishing up my college education and working full-time (because I'm crazy like that) in the field I thought I wanted to work. Don't get me wrong...I had an amazing job at a great company and was doing well. I am thankful. However, I'd come home from work drained. I hardly did anything, but I was worn out. And I couldn't ever figure out why, until one 2016 evening.

I began perusing man's *second* best friend-Google- for insight into different industries and career paths, and stumbled upon something called “health coaching.” I got curious. One thing lead to another and I found myself entering my credit card information into the American Council on Exercise (ACE) shopping cart.

Well that escalated quickly.

"When you know, you know" is what they say. I "knew" when I was coaching a few clients online and I received positive feedback from them. One said, "I am better,” one said, "my personal happiness with myself and my health is stronger,” another said, "I've never been more proud of myself.” And there I found myself ENERGIZED by others. Seeing clients make + meet goals, succeed beyond their mental doubts, and find happiness in their personal health and wellness- this gives me LIFE. That's the thing. It's not about me; it's about you.

Through many mornings of watching the sun rise outside my window, I contemplated a name for this brand. Every time I thought I had an idea, I would defer to Google, who let me know that someone else had liked it sooner. Back to the drawing boards. Naming this business was important; it needed to be something I really believed and needed to represent my views on health and wellness. Thus, 4 You Health Coaching was born, 4UHC for short.

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4 You Health Coaching has a double meaning. I don’t believe there is one plan and regimen that works for everyone, which is why there are several "diet" programs out there. My goal is to help you find something that works FOR YOU. For sustainable and long-term health. YOUR health journey is just that- it’s YOURS. Scoot in real close for this one, I've got a secret for you- if you do it for anyone else, I can guarantee you’ll have a hard time finding success in the long term. This goes for anything in life.

So, why the number 4 instead of the word? Another great question. I’m glad you asked.

I’m a firm believer health falls into 4 categories, and all 4 come together to form YOUr best YOU:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Health

Emotional Health

If you find yourself struggling in one of the above areas, I would guess that you’re probably struggling in another, or perhaps all areas as well. Teaming up, we'll strategize the enhancement of one of these areas (say your physical health), and I can guarantee you'll notice improvement in the other areas simultaneously. Together, let's do it 4 YOU.

It's been a long few years. It's easy to get sidetracked. But when passion strikes, you don't fight it. :)

Hop along, friends, it's going to be a fun ride!

Website: Zac Morgan

Photos: Amanda Baca Photography

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