30 Things That Make Me Happy

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

After my latest post about true happiness, I’ve made it a goal to hone in on this concept more in my daily life. For me, myself, and I it’s kind of been that elephant in the room topic. Like, “oh hey I enjoy this feeling of happiness but i’m not going to pay attention to what it is that’s making me feel this way”. I recently challenged someone in my life to write out what makes them happy as an individual. And as soon as I said that to them, I knew I needed to do that for myself too. So here it is, folks, a list of 30 little things that make me happy:

  1. Writing – either journaling, blogging, writing notes to people, or doing personal development type work. I’m such a better communicator when I write my thoughts.

  2. Sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee and working on my computer

  3. Accomplishing something big on my to-do list (that i’ve probably been putting off for a while)

  4. Traveling

  5. The sweaty and exhausted feeling after exercising, knowing you just did something good for yourself

  6. Moving my body – going on walks, running, doing yoga

  7. Receiving encouraging words from other people

  8. Organizing things – my closet, a girls’ night, a vacation

  9. Diffusing essential oils

  10. Surprises of any kind

  11. Cleaning – there’s something about warm laundry and a freshly swiffered floor

  12. When someone does/says something thoughtful for me

  13. One-on-one quality time, helllllloooooo love language

  14. Making a meal (and people actually liking it)

  15. Family night

  16. Being busy 24/7 – i’ve been like this ever since I was a tot

  17. A good ol’ worship at Church

  18. Making money – work, watching friends kids, selling something, etc

  19. Gifting others – dropping off a Starbucks to someone. Volunteering my time. Surprising someone with a simple gift. It makes others happy and that makes me feel great.

  20. Spa treatments – facials, massages, getting my eyebrows waxed

  21. Playing with my puppy

  22. Being outside – I’ve recently realized how much I appreciate sunshine

  23. Hiding money in a wallet/purse/bag i’m about to put at the top of the closet, so when I use it again I’ve forgotten I stashed a spare $20 in the side pocket. I said I love surprises

  24. Social media cleanse day – Years ago I did “Medialess Monday” and it was exactly as it sounds. This turned out being my favorite day of the week, imagine that!

  25. Going on a drive – turning the music up as loud as it goes and singing whatever song at the top of my lungs. Maybe throw in the occasional fist bump.

  26. Writing my gratitudes down at the end of every day

  27. Making someone else laugh or smile especially when you hear “you made my day”

  28. Seeing my work done start to finish, like my blog posts or in a job

  29. Being in a conversation with someone and realizing we have a lot in common

  30. Connecting with someone who’s had an eating disorder too. My people! They will forever have a special place in my heart.

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