3 Day Juice Cleanse

Friday, February 8 - Sunday, February 10, I participated in a 3-day juice cleanse. This is what it looked like, why I did it, and what what I thought. For real-time updates, check out my highlight on Instagram labeled: 3 Day Cleanse. I'm @4youhealthcoaching.

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated by Daily Greens for a review of their product.

Why did I pick Daily Greens?

I was introduced to this product a few years ago. To my surprise, I liked the juice, but I especially liked that I could purchase the box at Costco for about $15, versus $5 per bottle at a Whole Foods. Also, it's local to Austin!

Why did I want to do a juice cleanse?

After several weeks of feeling horrible both physically and emotionally, I was looking for a change. I debated Whole 30 and wanted to run a group, but after a few people asking me "so what exactly do I have to give up?", I knew I wouldn't be able to take that on. Whole 30 is GREAT for some people, but it's not right for me, at least right now. Whole 30 and this cleanse are not about giving things up and restricting, it's about resetting and learning new lifestyle practices.

Our gastrointestinal tract and our brain are intimately connected. Our stomach plays a huge role in maintaining our emotional self, which is why emotional eating is even a thing. How crazy is it that our stomach releases juices at the thought that we are about to eat? Or, have you ever wondered why you get butterflies before a presentation? Or why when you're super anxious about something, you get nauseous? I also know that I am an emotional eater. Bored? Eat. Stressed? Eat. Annoyed? Eat. There are some times when I am feeling a certain emotion and I don't eat.

My personal goal is to take out the emotions behind eating, and to eat intuitively, to fuel and feel good. I needed a three-day cleanse for not only my physical health, but my mental and emotional health too. I'm very out of touch with my body. In fact, the other day I was Face-timing my therapist and at one point she asked what my body was physically telling me. I sat there and couldn't come up with anything. My body and my brain are so disconnected, which is in part due to my history with an eating disorder. And all of this is the exact reason I'm so passionate about mental health - because sometimes just focusing on our mental health can ease physical health symptoms.

What does the cleanse look like?

Each morning, you start your day with a warm cup of lemon water. I also used this time to wake up, take my amino acids, and just check in with my body. I brewed my lemon water through my Keurig. While that was in motion, I brushed my teeth and washed my face each morning.

15-30 minutes later, drink juice one. You also have the option to sip a cup of green tea.

Day One - Drank juice one on the way to work and a cup of green tea

Day Two - Drank part of my juice with my lemon water

Day Three - Drank my lemon water and then 30 minutes later, I drank a juice before my run

Lunch is juice number two and a piece of fruit.

Day One- Drank juice two with 1 cup of grapes

Day Two- Drank juice two with 1/2 an apple and 1/2 cup of grapes

Day Three - Drank juice two with 1/2 a grapefruit and lettuce wraps (which was an "ok'd" app)

Snack is juice three and another piece of fruit, if you're hungry.

Day One - I didn't want anything.

Day Two - Ate some of the cauliflower soup I prepped the night before with two pieces of cabbage. On this day I also went to a Starbucks to write. I ordered an unsweetened green tea and finished my second juice.

Day Three - Drank my green tea, finished juice two, and I prepped for a dinner party I'm having Truthfully, I had a few bites to taste test my recipes.

For evening time, the cleanse has an appetizer plus dinner.

Day One - I had the almond butter wraps with my juice. I went to the store and purchased the fresh avocado roll (all ingredients were approved). I took them out of the rice paper and instead rolled it in dried seaweed I had on hand.

Day Two - I ate the rest of the avocado roll with dried seaweed and a bowl of zoodles and marinara. I totally forgot my third juice on this day, but I ate more grapes.

Day Three - I drank juice three and since I taste tested recipes all evening, I was pretty full.

What did I learn? Would I recommend?

Overall, I would recommend this juice cleanse IF you're doing it for the right reasons. I learned:

1. So many times that I do eat, it's because "oh it's dinner time", not because I'm actually hungry.

2. I take eating, meats, and chewing my foods for granted.

3. I'm a fast eater and don't savor my food. I ate slower these days when I knew a cup was a portion. Which prevented overeating and is in part why I felt physically better.

4. It allowed me to focus on other things. It's crazy to realize how much we turn to food. When you're someone who battles an addiction, you turn to your addiction in order to not feel feelings and emotions. This cleanse taught me I was still doing that. When I knew I wasn't turning to food for three days, I found myself thinking specifically about the things that I know I have been avoiding. I also wasn't focused on food, I was focused on what my body was telling me - Tired? Hungry? Bloated?

5. Food is truly our fuel. I was feeling so tired at several points throughout the cleanse.

6. I woke up each morning of my cleanse and had to use the bathroom (ahem if you know what I mean) right away. This doesn't happen to me anymore, so I was super happy about this.

7. Don't look at social media while you're cleansing! People love to post pics of food they are eating and it's only going to make you want that food even more because you tell yourself you can't have it.

8. If you're solely doing this for the purpose of weight loss, DO NOT. First of all - you won't lose weight in 3 days. Maybe water weight, but not the weight you're looking for. Not only that, but this three days will feel like a lifetime. I know because I was this person once.

9. I felt full all afternoon surprisingly.

10. This cleanse was exactly what I personally needed. I journaled throughout the three days and spent a lot of time alone. I forced myself to NOT do things I typically do because I wanted to focus on me. Many emotions came up, as well as allowing for more mindfulness in my body/daily life.

11. A lot of the habits I learned I will continue post cleanse.

I know many people that follow me who struggle with food. Some are open about it. Some struggle and don't admit it, but I know because I've been there. I say this all because I strongly encourage if you are considering this, to really think about your intention behind it. #doit4u

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