2018 part two

2018. Phew. The year passed by in a way I never could have planned or hypothesized. Which is funny because I said I wasn't planning on anything for 2018.

That seems to be how life works, doesn't it? As much as we think we may not, we still plan, we plot, we imagine, we dream, and somehow things never turn out quite the way we anticipate. I heard a quote before my yoga class the other day that I'm still thinking about: "No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can solve the future." Doh. Alternative sentence: God's will always prevails.

2018 was full of heartbreak if I am being honest. So this post will be pretty short. What I wanted, I didn't get. What gave me comfort, no longer did. And so on. I have a blog post sitting in my drafts from one point in the year about hitting rock bottom when I literally lost everything, minus my family and apartment. I walked away from things, places, people, and opportunities. Life is all about decisions. I made decisions some questioned, and I made decisions some encouraged. The one thing I learned is that I have survived the last 6 months due to the previous 6 months.

Mid-year I left my family, moved to Austin, broke up with my boyfriend, and lived out of a hotel for 2 months. None of these decisions were easy, but each of them were right. I specifically remember in my 2018 part one post I wrote that my best moments of 2017 came from walking into fear. It's a crazy concept really. I still stand by that statement. The biggest decision I made in 2018 was moving to a new city. In fact, Austin, TX, was the one location that I said "I will NEVER live there." #neversaynever

Moving to Austin, TX, was the most un-Molly-like thing I've done. And at the same time, it's the very reason that I landed on the decision I did. I've always been a play-it-safe type of person. I moved home in the middle of college because I missed home. I went through a phase in my life years ago where I had separation anxiety from my mom and dad.

Time, therapy, Jesus, plus small and steady steps begin to heal you, and you may even find yourself making a decision that pretty much every person in your life suggests not to do.

2018: A year of heartbreak. As life has taught me already, you take the experience and learn from it, then you move forward knowing God has your back. Good things are coming in 2019. I'm walking into 2019...

- living in Austin, TX

- working at Google

- instructing yoga classes

- officially launching 4UHC

- part-time health coaching at Noom

- writing for Step Up Magazine

- training for my half marathon

- educating others about