2017 A New Year

2017 is here and I can hardly believe it. Well, I can believe it. But i’m also wondering how it’s possible. Just yesterday I swear I was researching what a health coach even was. Now i’m here.

Started from the bottom now we’re here.

Okay enough rapping, let’s talk about 2017. The past several years have been a blur and a whirlwind and challenging and confusing and  just about every crazy adjective you could think of. I look back on the past couple years and one adjective does not describe who I was at all. That adjective being: “happy”. Sure, don’t get me wrong, there were some happy times. Hanging out with my grandpa, being done with school (hallelujah!), witnessing moments that make my friends happy, landing a job and not having to worry about finances. But the difference is that I was looking for happiness in things and in people…and that’s not where happiness lives.

The funny thing is that I wrote out this blog and then picked a quote to go along with it. And I described all of those things before i’d even seen this picture….friends, landing a job, not worrying about finances, etc. Don’t we all tend to look for happiness in things? In people? In circumstances? But do we ever find true happiness that way?

You know, I often think about how much of my days were spent worrying about what I looked like, how I came off to other people, what I said, what I was eating or not eating that day, etc. While that’s healthy to a certain extent, there comes a point where it crosses the line into unhealthy thinking and behaviors. And I lived farrrrrrr away from the line on the side I pray none of you ever experience in your lives.

2017 is my year of happiness. Real happiness.

I’ve said that many years now. But the difference this year is that I know what real happiness looks like for me and I know how to get there. And I know that in order to get it, the first step is to focus on me.

Happiness and confidence have the potential to create your best you. For me, I have to stop worrying about people’s opinions and focus on “doing me”, what brings me joy, what I love to do, what I am passionate about, what I am thankful for, being around people who accept me for who I am and who I can be myself around. All of these things. Really it comes down to self care. Whatever that may look like, as it looks different for each of us.

Now I know what to do, I just need to do it. I want January of 2018 to come around and me to think “yeah, i’d re-live that year again”. I don’t want it to be like the past several years when i’ve said “Thank you Jesus that’s over”.

Healthy. Happy. Confident. Me. 2017.

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