10 Things That Happened From Detoxing Social Media

Social media addiction is real. If you yourself aren't addicted to social media, then you probably know someone who is. Nowadays, it seems we all are. I took 21 days to cleanse/detox from social media; here's what I learned.

I chose 21 days for a reason. There's been some back and forth on the idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I have done my share of 21-day cleanses before, and have been successful in doing so. Therefore, I believe it can translate to social media as well. Also, 21 days feels enough like a reach goal, while accomplishable at the same time. Basically, it's not too little and it's not too much.

I'm not the person who is going to tell everyone ahead of time that I'm planning a social media hiatus. You know the person I'm talking about; they make a big ol' post saying "21 days off of social media, DM me for my number." No. No. No. If someone REALLY needs you, they'll find a way to contact you. I mention this because to me, it demonstrates even more so how attached we are to the effects of social media-ing. I did this experiment for me for several reasons:

1. I wanted to see the effects that it had on my health. Mentally and emotionally, mostly, but also just overall.

2. I wanted to experiment the effects of social media detoxing with friendships. As in, do people reach out? Do they even notice? How long will they go without "hearing" from me before they wonder?

3. I wanted to break a habit. Like I said, I am too obsessed with social media.

4. And mostly, when I got the notification that you're seeing below, I was stunned.

5 hours A DAY on social media?! I pick up my phone almost 100 times a day?!

I am excited about today's post! During this time I had many friends be like "did you see xyz" to which I would respond: "No, I'm actually doing a social media cleanse right now," and they'd say, "NO WAY! How is it?!", in a tone of shock and disbelief. Everyone was curious, and this leads me to my first two learning points.

1. I learned that people don't call/text you anymore because they just keep up with your life on social media. I had a few people say, "Hey I am calling since I haven't seen you post," or, "I was wondering why you hadn't posted." Or if I asked them about their life, "Aren't we friends on social media?" It's very sad to me.

2. I learned that people are addicted to social media. There's part of me that feels isolated if I haven't gone online and interacted with someone. This is NOT healthy. On another note, I would be sitting at stoplights during this cleanse, open my phone and swipe over in an attempt to pull up my maps app only to realize that I was about to press the button where my Instagram app was. It's become muscle memory.

3. I turned down my AC. This is weird, right? Having an addict mentality like myself, everything is a scarcity. Food? There may not be enough. Love? I don't deserve it. Money? Don't waste it. So when it comes to my thermostat, I am cheap. But since I had extra time to be thoughtful about my decisions, I realized I was not comfortable in my own home. It increased my awareness.