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I can't wait to hear your story! Here's a little of mine...

I had my life all planned out. Headed to college I would meet my people, land a job in which I was extremely fulfilled, life would place me in a white-picket-fence-wrapped house, and well, you know the rest of the story. As it always seems, my plan didn't go as planned. In fact, I found myself exactly where I planned not to be. Through a series of events, digestive issues, eating disorders, an autoimmune diagnosis, and mental health battles, I had met my wits' end. With doctor's consistently telling me "everything looks okay", I had mentally given up and assumed I'd live the rest of my life miserable...mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Molly was the only one fighting for Molly. I was the only person who believed I wasn't crazy. Through nights of sleeplessness I found the question "what if?" circulating in my brain. What if it didn't have to be this way? What if I could change how I felt? Soon enough that question became my motivation and I took my health and wellness into my own hands. I researched until my fingers hurt from clicking, I tossed and turned through the dark circles under my eyes, I stayed in weekend evenings to study and read and eventually became certified through ACE as a Health Coach. My hobby is health and fitness but my life's passion is guiding others to a full restoration of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 4U. You may not be where you had planned. You may feel like you're the only one who believes in you. But you made it to this page for a reason and for that you've just found your biggest ally. Let's set up a coffee chat and talk some more!



  • 30 minute FREE consultation

  • Goal setting and personal accountability

  • Weekly thirty minute check-in sessions

  • Grocery list options fit for the household

  • Meal plan ideas

  • Recipe recommendations

  • Workout routine

  • Educational material

  • Access to an ACE certified Health Coach

  • Coaching and support

  • 30 minute FREE consultation

  • Choice of: thirty minute, one hour, or seventy-five minute private yoga session

  • Decreased anxiety and stress

  • Enhanced mind body connection

  • Increased flexibility and stamina

  • Muscle endurance and toning

  • Empowerment from personal strength

  • Balance to weightlifting and other exercises

  • Essential oil infused towel relaxation

  • Access to an ACE certified Health Coach


Is grocery shopping the last chore you check off the list? Do you find yourself confused on what to purchase? Do you just despise running this errand all together? We've got options. Together we can walk the aisles of your preferred grocer as I'll give you the run down on nutrition labels. OR I'll do you grocery shopping for you. One less stressor added to your day. Nutrition is the most important when it comes to whole health.

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+ What Clients Are Saying

"Molly was always accessible to answer any questions, to cheer me on, and give tips and tricks even being hundreds of miles away. Not only did my physical health get better but my mental and emotional health got stronger too."